Win an art print and help Brian get his surgery


The winner will get an A3 sized (420x297mm) art print of my 'Orca Types Pod' painting.

Raffle tickets cost U$7 and can be purchased clicking in the button below.​

This is Brian.

He´s a 10-year-old Labrador Retriever.

He currently has a small tumor in his right eye that needs urgent care. 

With that in mind, I´m hosting a raffle to help raise funds to pay for the surgery he needs!



  • Each participant will be assigned a lucky number, which is equivalent to your entry into the raffle.

  • Numbers are randomly generated to ensure the integrity of the draw.

  • The winner will be chosen randomly on August 5th 2021.

  • Participants may buy as many tickets as wanted. 

  • Please note that shipping will not be charged from participants

  • The delivery time may vary according to the winner's location, so it is impossible to establish an estimate.

  • The participant will be duly notified in case of victory via email.

  • Contact me at in case of any questions.